01 January 2014

Parkway Parfait

#315 / #109

Busy day today on the American River trail. Packs of roadies, families, trailers - I even saw a Wike trailer (fancy!), solos, tandems, recumbent bicycles and tricycles, walkers, horses (with riders). No rollerbladers, and no handcycles. But everybody else.

Riding behind Red Leader as I do, I am often unable to pass safely to keep up with him. So I click along behind a group of slower riders, lurking, eavedropping, finally passing when I have a clear shot and a straightaway.

Sometimes I have to pass a single person at at time, so you get trike, bike, trike, bike. Or bike, trike, bike, trike. Like a fancy layered dessert! But better because it is human powered!

A 19 mile bike ride is the perfect way to start the new year. So, happy new year to all, and to all good riding for the next 364 days!

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