06 January 2014

Proclaim the Day!

#316 / #110
5 Jan 2014

As Red Leader and I were unfolding trikes and pumping tires and all the things necessary before rolling down the trail, a fellow triker proclaimed that it "is a great day for a ride." We concurred.

30 miles later, tired but satisfied, we returned to our starting place, ready for lunch. At 4:30pm. Good heavens! We declared it Lupper - lunch/supper (I'm from the midwest and often call the evening meal supper instead of dinner). Linner, Dunch, Slush were all losers. Lupper it is.

I never did eat dinner, but that's OK. Unless 2 tangerines count as dinner.

We saw lots of recumbents, 2 and 3 wheeled, on our ride. The 60 degree, sunny, calm weather brought lots of people out.


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