09 February 2014


#233 / #117

Wednesday, Feb 5th

This is about our ride on Wednesday. I forgot to write about it until now. oops. We went up and down the American River trail again, as usual. It was pretty cold. I didn't take off my full-fingered gloves until our turn around at Wm Pond.

Neither Red Leader nor I were moving too fast - 1mph average slower than our usual. The cold, maybe?

We enjoyed it anyway, even though the sun was not out. It seemed only the hardiest of riders were out; we saw one triking couple, with her scarf wrapped all the way up to her eyeballs!

Rained all weekend (8th adn 9th). I went to the gym today (Sunday) for a 40 minutes recumbent exercise bicycle ride. It was weird. The cranks are long and the angle is different. But at least I got sweaty! I used a 'rolling hill' workout. Baby hills in my opinion. I couldn't pedal faster than 90 rpm as the machine got to rocking quite a bit at that speed. I'll probably use it again when I can't get out on a real bike.

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