15 March 2014

Be Prepared

#328 / #123

Red Leader and I decided to mix it up a little bit and rode from the Folsom parking garage to William Pond and back. Yep. 30 miles. We are both tired. I'd like to do a ride like this with him at least once a month. But it takes a big chunk out of our day, especially since Red Leader is not an early riser on weekends.

We came across the aftermath of a bike/bike collision near the Fish Hatchery. I stopped, after inquring if they needed a first aid kit. I handed out a couple of wipes. That's it.

In addition to water, tube and/or patch kit, inflation method (cartridge, pump) I think we should all carry just a little first aid stuff. How about a couple of wipes, some antibiotic gel, a couple of large gauze pads and maybe some adhesive tape, since getting stuff to stay in place on bendy elbows is tough. If  you have that on hand (I've carried a minimal kit like that packed in an Altoids' tin) you won't have to wait for the person who has the kit to show up.

Anyway, that's enough lecturing for now. Enjoy Spring!

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