23 March 2014

Mozzie Mambo

#329 / #124

A late afternoon ride today after a 4 hour car ride. Yes!

Folsom's parking garage to Sunrise and back again - 18 miles, all on the south side of Lake Natoma. The last little bit coming back to Folsom involves a hill that is nice and shady on a hot summer day, but houses mosquitoes on a warm spring afternoon. As soon as I dropped into my hill climbing gear and slowed down to a sedate creep, the bugs started biting. At least I could feel comfortable swatting away while creeping along.

This is my new favorite ride - all the little hills provide built in intervals and the twists and turns are fun, although Red Leader still takes corners faster than I am willing to do so. I catch him up on the straightaways. Everything is dressed in spring green. Really pretty.

that's all, folks!

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