30 April 2014

Lazy Saturday

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Saturday, 26th April

We decided to be lazy on Saturday, starting from near the bottom of Willow Creek Trail in Folsom and going only as far as the skate park.

You'll notice that Red Leader's ride count skipped a number: he went riding on Wednesday while I was backpacking.

This week we will be together again, trying to beat the heat here in Sacramento. This weekend, I'll do two rides, my usual Lake Natoma Loop (about 12 signed up so far), and then I'll go celebrate May is Bike Month by riding around on Scott Road (closed to all but local motor vehicle traffic for the day). I don't know which ride Red Leader will join me on.

20 April 2014


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For Easter, time of bunnies, we hopped on over to Alphabent to get a few small things taken care of. Red Leader has a new seat mesh ordered, and his old one has been guyed out with some cheerful yellow zipties around the seat cover and the arms of the cruciform. He has a foam pad in there also, and reports that the seat feels much better. His steering was also tightened up. I believe the seat changes gave him a firmer base from which to pedal so our time on the way back was faster than usual.

My beautiful orange machine has a new rear fender, repositioned steering, and some other small tweaks. Much quieter without the pieces of fender bouncing and clattering in back. Carrying the folded bike in the back of the SUV caused the fender to get cracked. As long as the tire is touching the inside of the car, the fender is protected, but there is one common position, when the trike rotates around a little, and the tire sticks out into the space next to the rear passenger door, where the fender can get bashed against the door's armrest.

We met the new shop help, I shall call him Shop Minion (as opposed to Shop Dude and Other Shop Dude). Very helpful and friendly, even after fighting with an HP Velo fender.

Lots of groups out on the trail, some riding, but most of them cooking AMAZING smelling food for this Easter Sunday.

Happy trails, everyone!

19 April 2014

laughing loafers


This morning I left Red Leader snoozing and set out to lead a gaggle of happy bikers around and around Folsom's beautiful bike paths. I had 12 signups and drafted a fellow biker who has also led rides around to be my sweep. After all that, several did't show up (not uncommon) so I only had 6 bikes following me around. My sweep's yellow jacket was really easy to spot way back there in my rearview!

The ponds and wetlands have plenty of water right now, and there was plenty of wildlife to see. Mostly noisy quail. Saw another group of casual riders exploring the trail on this beautiful breezy morning.

It is a real pleasure to introduce folks to Folsom this way. Just lovely landscapes to admire.

A longer, faster ride tomorrow with Red Leader.


17 April 2014


Great Galloping something that begins with a G (gobsmacks? Gila monsters? I know - Godzillas!)
I am THREE posts behind on this blog.

Without further ado, here's the massive catchup post.

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Saturday, April 12 Bike Around the Buttes
Lovely weather, no hurricane winds like last year, did the 17 mile fun course again. Red Leader wants to go for the 40 next year. I am pleased. Nay, I am STOKED!
There were a lot of cows on the route. I decided, 3 miles into the initial climb, that I could have been counting cows to keep myself amused. But then, later, I decided that I would have run out of fingers, even if I counted 20 cows on each hand several times over.
The music and lunch after the ride were nice.
We particularly like this ride since the check in for the two shorter rides is open until 11am.

Monday, April 14th - a short ride in Folsom
We were still a bit tired from the previous ride, but we had also decided, on the car ride back from the Buttes, that we would try to fit in a third weekly ride. So we phoned it in and went around the 10 mile loop on Folsom's city bike paths. Red Leader commented that someone had gone around and shaved off the top of all the hills. Nice!

Wednesday, April 16th - Sunrise to Howe on the American River Trail.
Feeling somewhat recovered, yet curious to see how 3 rides in 5 days felt, we decided on our 20.2 mile ride on the parkway.
Warmish weather but once we got moving, the self-generated breeze kept us both comfy. Saw a young coyote and a jackrabbit. Lots of squirrels.
Had a nice conversation with another trike rider when we got to the parking lot. She had just finished stuffing her Terratrike into her car and was interested to see the two different folding methods on our trikes. Good times!
Red Leader is going to take a break, I think, until Sunday, but I'll repeat the easy Folsom ride on Saturday, leading a gaggle of casual bikers for an organized ride - the first ride I've lead in many months. Excited!

11 April 2014

Back on the lounger

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Wednesday, 9 April.

I can't say 'back on the saddle' as I don't have one on my luxurious recumbent trike.

I was camping last weekend when Red Leader went for a 20 mile ride. So that explains his number.

This ride was our 'usual' up and down the American River Trail. I am sad to say to RL's best time on Watt to Sunrise Drinking Fountain (a Strava segment) is a shade faster than my best time. I guess I'll head out there early one morning (when I'm at my fastest) and see if I can (metaphorically) clobber him.

This weekend we will be up in Yuba County, riding to raise money for a children's diabetes center. We did this ride last spring and enjoyed it, despite the wind. I wonder what the forecast is this year? I'll know in a day or so.


02 April 2014

Upholding the Stereotype

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Red Leader and I returned to our usual haunt: Sunrise to Wm Pond/Watt on the American River Parkway trail. The rain let up and gave us a beautiful sunny day, still cool, with very little breeze and lots of company on the trail. I think the bicyclists outnumbered the turkeys, but not by much. I also saw a coyote, muzzle covered wth grass. I think he had been digging for mice or something.

I decided, when we got to William Pond, that I would turn around a mosey back to the car. I don't know why I had so little get up and go today, but I did enjoy myself loafing back down the trail to the car.

Red Leader is on his own this weekend for rides. I'm going camping!