11 April 2014

Back on the lounger

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Wednesday, 9 April.

I can't say 'back on the saddle' as I don't have one on my luxurious recumbent trike.

I was camping last weekend when Red Leader went for a 20 mile ride. So that explains his number.

This ride was our 'usual' up and down the American River Trail. I am sad to say to RL's best time on Watt to Sunrise Drinking Fountain (a Strava segment) is a shade faster than my best time. I guess I'll head out there early one morning (when I'm at my fastest) and see if I can (metaphorically) clobber him.

This weekend we will be up in Yuba County, riding to raise money for a children's diabetes center. We did this ride last spring and enjoyed it, despite the wind. I wonder what the forecast is this year? I'll know in a day or so.


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