17 April 2014


Great Galloping something that begins with a G (gobsmacks? Gila monsters? I know - Godzillas!)
I am THREE posts behind on this blog.

Without further ado, here's the massive catchup post.

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Saturday, April 12 Bike Around the Buttes
Lovely weather, no hurricane winds like last year, did the 17 mile fun course again. Red Leader wants to go for the 40 next year. I am pleased. Nay, I am STOKED!
There were a lot of cows on the route. I decided, 3 miles into the initial climb, that I could have been counting cows to keep myself amused. But then, later, I decided that I would have run out of fingers, even if I counted 20 cows on each hand several times over.
The music and lunch after the ride were nice.
We particularly like this ride since the check in for the two shorter rides is open until 11am.

Monday, April 14th - a short ride in Folsom
We were still a bit tired from the previous ride, but we had also decided, on the car ride back from the Buttes, that we would try to fit in a third weekly ride. So we phoned it in and went around the 10 mile loop on Folsom's city bike paths. Red Leader commented that someone had gone around and shaved off the top of all the hills. Nice!

Wednesday, April 16th - Sunrise to Howe on the American River Trail.
Feeling somewhat recovered, yet curious to see how 3 rides in 5 days felt, we decided on our 20.2 mile ride on the parkway.
Warmish weather but once we got moving, the self-generated breeze kept us both comfy. Saw a young coyote and a jackrabbit. Lots of squirrels.
Had a nice conversation with another trike rider when we got to the parking lot. She had just finished stuffing her Terratrike into her car and was interested to see the two different folding methods on our trikes. Good times!
Red Leader is going to take a break, I think, until Sunday, but I'll repeat the easy Folsom ride on Saturday, leading a gaggle of casual bikers for an organized ride - the first ride I've lead in many months. Excited!

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