20 April 2014


#336 / #131

For Easter, time of bunnies, we hopped on over to Alphabent to get a few small things taken care of. Red Leader has a new seat mesh ordered, and his old one has been guyed out with some cheerful yellow zipties around the seat cover and the arms of the cruciform. He has a foam pad in there also, and reports that the seat feels much better. His steering was also tightened up. I believe the seat changes gave him a firmer base from which to pedal so our time on the way back was faster than usual.

My beautiful orange machine has a new rear fender, repositioned steering, and some other small tweaks. Much quieter without the pieces of fender bouncing and clattering in back. Carrying the folded bike in the back of the SUV caused the fender to get cracked. As long as the tire is touching the inside of the car, the fender is protected, but there is one common position, when the trike rotates around a little, and the tire sticks out into the space next to the rear passenger door, where the fender can get bashed against the door's armrest.

We met the new shop help, I shall call him Shop Minion (as opposed to Shop Dude and Other Shop Dude). Very helpful and friendly, even after fighting with an HP Velo fender.

Lots of groups out on the trail, some riding, but most of them cooking AMAZING smelling food for this Easter Sunday.

Happy trails, everyone!

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