02 April 2014

Upholding the Stereotype

#330 / #125

Red Leader and I returned to our usual haunt: Sunrise to Wm Pond/Watt on the American River Parkway trail. The rain let up and gave us a beautiful sunny day, still cool, with very little breeze and lots of company on the trail. I think the bicyclists outnumbered the turkeys, but not by much. I also saw a coyote, muzzle covered wth grass. I think he had been digging for mice or something.

I decided, when we got to William Pond, that I would turn around a mosey back to the car. I don't know why I had so little get up and go today, but I did enjoy myself loafing back down the trail to the car.

Red Leader is on his own this weekend for rides. I'm going camping!

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