04 May 2014

Great Scott!


I arrived at the shopping center parking lot at 7:55am, to find that Whole Foods, my planned restroom and trailmix acquisition stop, didn't open until 8am. So I unloaded the car, unfolded my bike, and bicycled over there at 8:05am. Rested and trail-mixed, I headed out onto Bidwell/Scott Road to take part in the Great Scott! ride (2014 edition).

The county of Sacramento and various other area agencies cooperate to close stretches of Scott, Latrobe, and White Rock roads for a day, so folks can ride and walk through beautiful rural countryside without contending with motor vehicle traffic.

I was met right off the bat with a headwind and a slog up to the top of the freeway overpass. Gracefully getting out of the freeway-bound lanes and over in to the leftmost thru-traffic lane was no problem this early on a Sunday morning. Then down the other side (through orange "witch's hats" spaced a little too closely for a trike) and into the car free zone.

I rode out to Scott Road at Latrobe Rd (a better starting point if you don't like ANY motor vehicles), took a bio break, then headed back to Folsom, taking Placerville Road back from White Rock. Another bio break there (thank goodness for porta-pottys), then out in the Big Wide World of multilane, 50mph traffic. I smoothly negotiated my left turn back into the parking lot, packed up the car, and had a nice lunch at Panera.

I can't really describe how beautiful this ride was. It included not only rolling green countryside and nervous cattle (my singing voice? The flags on my trike?), but redwing blackbird song, peepers (frogs), and the thrumming of a strong breeze through telephone wires.



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