10 May 2014

Pollen Polka


31 miles today on the American River Parkway trail. It was pretty windy, and some trees, particularly near William Pond, were shedding clouds of white fluffy pollen. One hefty piece of pollen or maybe a lightweight bug clobbered me right in the middle of my lower lip, giving me a lovely pout for the rest of my ride.

The AMGEN race is coming to the area soon. I don't know if that was the reason, but there were a lot of identically clad very fast pacelines on the trail today. Many of them were not very good at staying on their side of the yellow line. On a quiet weekday morning this would not be an issue, but on a beautiful Saturday in May, it was, rather.
I'm not quite as wide as two experienced diamond frame riders riding side by side, but I'm not comfortable riding over far enough from the edge to let a runner by (they have right of way, you know) if the folks in the oncoming lane can't stay off my side of the yellow line. So I muttered unpleasant comments under my breath several times.

By the time I was on my way back, most of the pacelines were somewhere else. So the muttering abated.

I'm pleasantly tired and my eyes are bright red from allergies. A great day!

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