12 May 2014



Sunday, 11 May

Have I used this title before? (yes, I have. Tough.)
Anyway, yesterday's ride (and the day before's, for that matter) induced the worst allergies I've had since I was a kid baling hay in the ragweed-infested Midwest.

I started at Alphabent on C and 11th, after having Other Shop Dude sort out my new rear fender (was rubbing on the tire a little bit) and planned to ride up to Elverta on the Northern rail trail, but stopped when I got to Rio Linda as the wind was just too much.

It was better coming back - I was rolling along at 15-17mph instead of 8-10mph but today, waking up with my eyes puffy, blindly groping for the tissues, was less fun.

Red Leader will be back in town today, so we will resume our together-rides on Tues or Wednesday. Yay!

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