19 May 2014

The Divine Delta

#343 / #136

Sunday, May 18th
Red Leader and I headed out yesterday to the Delta to ride around on Andrus Island and Isleton Roads. The County of Sacramento, as they did a few weeks ago for the Great Scott! ride, closed sections of some roads in the Delta to all but residents, and invited bicylists and walkers to come out and play.

It is about an hour's drive to Walnut Grove, near the historic town of Locke, and it was a nice drive through rural Sacramento County to the Community Center (parking, and most importantly, bathrooms!). We decided to go counter clock wise to have the river on our side of the road.

It was a really nice day for a ride. There was a bit of a quartering head wind on the leg heading north on Isleton Rd, but we sure enjoyed the 3 mile return with a quartering tailwind!

Andrus Island Road cuts across the island, and the road surface was not a nice as the othe road. Red Leader decided that he would want a trike with a 26" wheel and suspension if he were to ride on roads like that in the future. It was not too bad on my fully suspended Scorpion, but there was a lot of vibration.

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