01 May 2014

Throwback Thursday

May is Bike Month!
but that's not why this post is here.

Monday, 28 April


Yes, this is out of order. Why I forgot to write this post I can't remember. Ha ha.
Our Prius has 120,000 miles on it, which means a day at the shop for service. I loaded my trike in the back, drove to the gym for yoga and weight lifting, then drove over to the coffee shop for a bagel and cream cheese ...

"Wait!" you say, "What has this to do with a riding a recumbent?"
"Patience, grasshopper, we're getting there."

Now, where was I. Ah yes. .... cream cheese. Then I drove (would you STOP, already - PATIENCE!) to the auto shop, unloaded my trike, dropped off the keys, and pedaled home.

There, satisfied!?

I attained my fastest time on Durock road - 28mph, and managed late morning traffic (~9:30am) in Cameron Park reasonably well.
My tentative plan was to vamp long enough at the coffee shop that Red Leader would have arrived at his office (on my way home through town) so I could grab the truck there and load the bike. As it was, I arrived home just as he was hopping through the shower.

I'm going on two rides this weekend. I promise promise cross my heart that I will keep up with the posts better!


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