04 September 2014

Keep your hands and feet inside the ride at all times

#345-6 / #149

I went for a ride on Tuesday, first thing in the morning. Just around Lake Natoma. Not a lot of people out there that time of day on a weekday.

How different was Wednesday's late afternoon ride with Red Leader. Lots of folks out, trying to get some time in on the trail when it was barely 90 degrees. That's what we were doing anyway.

Several times I felt like I should contract my trike to a narrower size. That can't happen, but I did squeeze my shoulders together and pulled my elbows in. Which does no good but makes me feel better, anyway. Oncoming walkers and doubled up oncoming bikers on a corner. Yikes!

I've been a bit blah about riding lately - Red Leader thinks it may be the weather. I hope it is and I hope that cooler weather will revive my bicycling spirits!

CU, and remember ...
Rubber side down, please.

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