18 October 2014

Four rides, no waiting

Yes, faithful readers, I have been not feeling much like writing. But I'm back in the groove now, so I will say that today's ride (and the three before that since last we talked) were all nice.

24th Sept, 1st and 13th October

And today, Oct 18th #350 / #152

The ride on the 13th was a quick 3.5 miles from the auto repair to my husband's office, where I picked up the car and multi-moded my way home.

The 24th and the 1st were some of our usual rides on the trail.

Today was lovely - high 70s, not too breezy, sunny. We saw 7 other recumbents - 4 trikes and 3 bikes.
Several squirrels tried to stare me down from the middle of the pavement. I won.

I thought I'd try not bringing or consuming snacks on this ride, hoping that my grain and fruit breakfast and mid morning chicken tandoori w/ rice snack would tide me over.
Nope, not at all! I'm good for about 40 minutes before I start flagging. Red Leader can ride for hours on one donut. Not me. I need refueling. So I just got slower and slower and slower but eventually finished the 22 mile ride.

Tttttthat's all, folks!

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