22 October 2014

Like, omg, cosmic dude

#351 / #153

Wednesday, October 22

I could not have arranged our ride tally numbers in a more pleasing fashion if I had planned it. And I didn't, so I'm extra pleased.

Today we mixed it up a little bit, out and back between Folsom's parking garage and the ped bridge in Fair Oaks, all along the American River trail. We had about 2 hours of daylight when we were finally ready to go, so we went a conservative 16 miles. We could have gone a bit farther, but then we would have missed the nifty glowing pink clouds at sunset on our drive home.

Not a lot of wildlife, except for some death-wish squirrels. What fall colors the Sacramento Valley has are starting to appear, and the reflections in the river were outstanding. I need to go back out there with a camera and tripod and all that.

I might ride on Saturday - have not decided yet. Will I make my 52 mile birthday ride in early November. Doubtful!


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