28 March 2015

A Splendid Alternative


Sunday, March 28th

About 7 miles

Several years ago, I used to ride some segments of the El Dorado Trail fairly often. It had fallen off of my rotation of rides until today.

Today was the ribbon cutting ceremony for a new segment of the trail. Quite a crowd showed up at the intersection of Forni Road and Ray Lawyer Drive in Placerville. Roadies, cruisers, mountain-ish bikes, one recumbent trike (me), two police cyclists (cool!) and one equestrienne (super cool!)

In past years, I would exit the bike trail segment that ended at that intersection, and take Forni Road downhill to catch up with Placerville Drive. On the way back, not wanting to deal with my super slow pace up a hill, narrow road, no shoulders, I would beat my way through the intersection at PV drive and RL Drive, and then slog up Ray Lawyer - still a hill, but a fairly good shoulder and much better sight lines than uphill on Forni.

From now on, we have a much nicer alternative to these two roads: a lovely segment that runs basically between those two roads down to Placerville Drive.

I took pictures!! Wooo!

Poppies on the old segment

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