08 March 2015

Sunny side up

This post was massively delayed! At least it is still March!!
Saturday, March 7th
Spring has sprung!

The trail was chock full of other people enjoying the beautiful weather. We saw a recumbent in a parking lot off trail, then three recumbent bicycles and two more trikes.

We had a nice chat with Mr D, a Greenspeed Magnum owner - in custom white! He got his ride at Utah Trikes. We referred him to Alphabent for any necessary repairs. His friend rode the Greenspeed around the parking lot (we were at Nimbus boat launch), sprouting a huge trike-grin after just a few minutes.

That's about all I can remember (oh, 20 miles, from Folsom to 'the portajohns past Sunrise' (wherever that is))

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