28 March 2015

Turkey with a side of mosquito

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Friday, March 27th

A late afternoon ride this time, from the Folsom parking garage to the "porta johns past Sunrise" wherever that really is. About 20 miles.

We saw lots of turkeys today. One big tom was shaking his tail feathers and putting on a show for the (invisible) lady turkeys. In the middle of the trail. He moved eventually. I rang my bell (no effect) and some other rider hissed. That worked. Coincidence? Who knows?!

Another turkey sighting was a hen, running down the trail ahead of us, too rattled to head for the grassy verge. She eventually ran off to the side. We continued on.

Also mosquitoes. Mosquitoes in the shade of Willow Creek boat launch where we stopped to try and figure out Red Leader's shifting. His indexing is off, having 1 - 8 gears instead of through 9. I could not remember which way the derailluer moves, so we left it alone. I'm proud, though, that RL fixed his own idler this time. It was not turning as the chain went by. He took it apart, with me hovering, unnecessarily, and put it back together. We don't know what changed, but it was for the better.

More mosquitoes on the last forested hill coming back to the parking garage on the south side of the lake. Maybe if I went up that hill faster, I'd be bug-free. But I'm not that fast. So I pedaled and swatted. Pedaled and swatted. Sigh.


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