04 April 2015

Itchy and b*tchy

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Thursday, April 2nd

Wooooo, boy. That was one miserable ride! Wind and dust and bugs and more pollen.

My eyeballs feel sandblasted. See, I have a pretty strong correction, glasses-wise. So it is not possible for me to have a pair of those fancy curved prescription shades. So I wear my regular glasses, that are photo chromatic, and do cut some if the UV. But they are by no means good at keeping wind, grit, or bugs out of my eyes.

So I do a lot of squinting and whinging.

I have tried a pair with inserts for my correction, but (and I have the same trouble with clip on sunglasses) looking through two pieces of plastic separated by an air gap bugs me. I get weird light shards bouncing around and distracting reflections and so on. My optometrist says it is not just me.

So the only thing left to try is a face shield.

Or I might just keep squinting and mumbling.

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