04 April 2015

Low Ride R

#372 / #168

We tried to get to William Pond by 10am. We really did!

We decided to hop ('hop' get it? Tomorrow's Easter) on the trail at Sunrise and ride West, hoping to meet up with the Sacramento Recumbent Riders and their 1st Saturday ride.

The odds were in our favor, since the group ride was traveling East. We did a U turn and caught them up.

One rider was on a new to him 2 wheel 'bent, and another rider was coming off of knee surgery, so they were not interested in any land speed records. We were the only trikes on this ride, although we did see 3 other trikes and 1 two wheeled recumbent not associated with the group ride.
Red Leader got to set the pace for most of the time we were participating.

We stuck with it until Willow Creek boat launch, where we said our farewells and rode on our own back to Sunrise.

Red Leader and had stopped into Alphabent with our trikes on Wednesday. It was really strange to drive there!

My tires are near the end of their life, and the left had developed a proto-blowout during my Tuesday ride. And two of my chain tubes were in horrible shape!

Shop Dude fixed me up with a used-but-less-than-mine tire for my trike. This is my 2nd pair of Scorchers. I might try Kojacks next. And my trike is quieter with non-shredded chain tubes.

I'll be heading back to the shop sometime soon, as I noticed today that part of my quick release lever is falling apart. This is the lever for the hinging frame. Kind of important.

You can see here that the round bit the lever pivots against is in pieces! The flat bowl shaped cover has come in two pieces, but both pieces can be shoved back into place and used anyway.


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