18 October 2015

Oh, my. Every 4 weeks or so, whether we need it or not

I owe you as many blog posts as I have fingers on one hand.

Here goes. Short and sweet because I can't remember much.

Sunday, August 2nd
#382 / #176

I left the title alone on Strava. So this is Morning Ride. I believe, casting my mind back, back, back into the past, that we went counterclockwise around Lake Natoma.
Saturday, August 29th
#383 / #177

Gosh. I don't even remember. But I was happy to get back on the trike, I do remember that.
Thursday, October 8th
#384 / #179

Now, this one I do remember. Backwards (counter clockwise) around Lake Natoma. My lack of recent bicycling showed as I blew past Red Leader on little climbs, and then got passed by Mr. Tortoise on longer inclines. Gasp. Gasp. Pant.

Red Leader had had a ride on the 3rd, while I was off trying (and mostly failing) to sell things at a craft fair.

Sunday, October 11th
#385 / #181

We rode around Folsom. I turned around because my shifting was really weird. Too hot, anyway.

Sunday, October 18th
#386 / #180

Having cleaned up and lubed my ride the day before, the shifting was perfect and the weather was nice and cool! I amused Red Leader (I frequently do) by putting on arm warmers, a jacket, and a head covering while unloading the bike, then frantically shedding them a minute later when a hot flash came to visit.
We rode from Sunrise to Wm. Pond and back. Red Leader's right knee was bugging him a little bit.
It looks like I won't ride my age in miles on November 5th, but I'll do as long a ride as I can. I do hope I ride again before then, but it does not look good given the past season's spotty performance.

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  1. I've been a mite worried about you. I miss your posts.