20 November 2015

Pink jersey

#390 / #184

Lovely ride today around Lake Natoma.
Red Leader's knee was fine, although he did comment that his right leg (of the previously unhappy knee) was more tired than the left. So something is still needing some recovery.

The lake (Folsom, that we saw on our drive to our starting location) is so low. I've never seen it that low in 25 years of living here.
But the water in Lake Natoma, formed by the Nimbus Dam, was OK. Low, but not with scary swaths of bottom showing.

I'm looking forward to being rained out of rides this winter.

And I ask again: should I wear a pink jersey? Paint my bike pink? Fly a pink flag? I got "bro'ed" again. Yes, probably 90% of humans on trikes barreling down a hill at 24mph are guys. But I'm not. And I don't feel like painting my bike pink. Or trading my high viz jersey for pink. And I rarely fly a flag on the trails.

So there.


14 November 2015

The Weaselnut Ding-a-Ling

#389 / #183

Another lovely fall day, not that I'll complain when the rain comes again tomorrow.

Red Leader and I did a short ride today, in hopes that it would exercise his tender knee without aggravating it. All is good after the ride.

We went just under 10 miles, out and back on the south side of Lake Natoma.

Lots of other people out today, which leads to the Ding a Ling part of the title. Red Leader finds my insistence on ringing my bike bell (a LOUD Crane brass bell) bothersome. But, when there is a bunch of people clumped at the end of a bridge, and I can't tell what they are doing, or going to do, and the bridge is narrow. I will ring my bell.

I suppose I'll have to explain Weaselnuts too. Red Leader decided that I had said Weaselnuts, not hazelnuts, when discussing what I was eating for my pre-ride snack. Red Leader is a champion sleeper-in, and I'm an early bird. So, I get up and eat breakfast, then 3 hours later, we start getting ready to ride. By then, I'm hungry again! My current favorite pre-ride snack is a handful of hazelnuts and some raisins. The correct ratio for nuts to raisins is 1 nut and 2 raisins. Some would argue that Red Leader and I are 2 nuts. But never mind.
So the discussion in the car on the way down to our starting place started with weasel-nuts and quickly degenerated into off-color sillyness with which I will not bore you.

Now you understand Weaselnut Ding-a-ling.

I hope.


07 November 2015

Falling for Fall

Saturday, Nov 7th

#388 / #182

Red Leader and I drove down to Alphabent to get his Gekko, which has a new derailleur. His third! This is a better one so hopefully it is RL proof.

Trike retrieved, we rode over to Costco for a quick, greasy lunch (the Polish dog is still making itself known, 5 hours later). Then we rode down to Discovery Park, and back to Alphabent.  About 13 miles.

As soon as I've finished this post, I'm going to go write a couple reviews on Google and Yelp. Alphabent is a great place for recumbents, and if you agree, I encourage YOU to write a review!

It is supposed to rain for a couple of days. Don't know when we'll ride again. Hopefully soonish.