27 December 2015

Heartrate madness!

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Took my new heart rate monitor out for a spin today. Fun! It will be a wonderful motivational tool to get more fit.

We rode from Sunrise to William Pond and back. Red Leader and I stuck together on the way out. On the way back, I let it rip!

100 average on the way out, 123 avg on the way back. Both directions had a max HR over 140 (charging up hills).

The HRM I have (Mio Fuse) should talk to Strava, but so far it is not playing well.

Red Leader and I wore lots of layers, I ditched some for my return.

We are looking forward to sunnier weather later this week.

23 December 2015

The Cat's Meow

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Red Leader and I, having sent our holiday guests on their way, slipped out for a lovely ride on Folsom's bicycle paths.
We had the paths mostly to ourselves for our 13 mile ride.

The rain has brought the wetlands back to life, with frogs and birds and soggy doggies.

My leg warmers refused to stay put, slithering down to just above my knees. Meow!

No riding for the next few days with the winter storms rolling through.

12 December 2015

A Lil'l Bit of Ever'thin'

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Sun. Clouds. Rain drops!

Enthusiastic children ("Look at THAT bike!")

Lots and lots of horse droppings. What?!

Smart-arse comments, "Just checking to see if you have a battery on that thing."
Nope. All me and my legs!

No geese. I think they are staying somewhere warm.

About 13 miles on the American River Trail.

It was very good to get out. Red Leader reports no funny knee things.

54 degrees with overcast and no wind is the border between shorts and leg warmers for me. I wore shorts. I saw only two other riders with shorts. The few, the cool, the insane.

Red Leader wore a balaclava, his winter gloves, leg warmers, and his heavy jersey. And a windbreaker.
I wore my summer jersey, a windblocking jacket (Schoeller DrySkin - great stuff), summer socks, my Home Depot reflecting gloves (cut the wind, but not lined), and an ear warmer.

We elected to start from the parking garage in Folsom at about 1:30.
Bad idea.
Full of vendors loading their cars after the farmer's market. Utter chaos. We parked on the roof (only place with enough clear space to swing a couple of trikes) so we got to ride through the whole mess.
Not so bad coming up on the way back; it was mostly cleared out. One guy only decided to stop at the stop sign in the parking garage after he saw me crossing in front of him. I waved at him with a sickly sweet smile as an alternative to flying a birdie.
We both rode with front and rear lights, hi-viz clothing, and large reflective flags.

100% chance of rain tomorrow, but we rarely ride two days in a row. This winter, we are lucky for two WEEKS in a row!