15 January 2016

The Stare of Approval

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Red Leader and I took advantage of another rain-free afternoon to head out to the Sunrise area of the American River trail.
On our way back, having talked suspension with random passersby, we encountered an elderly fellow, with a cane, hobbling along the trail.
I slowed way down, as it was unclear which way he would go next, which gave me and Old Dude the opportunity for a short conversation, "Don't get a speeding ticket!" 'I never do!!" Smiles all around.
Driving home, RL asked me what the old fellow had said. Red Leader had also received what he interpreted as a glare and a pointed finger.
I declared it a Stare and Point of Approval.

But, then, I suppose I'm an optimist.

11 January 2016

Two for Tea and Tea for Two

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There was no tea drinking. But there was shopping after.

Red Leader and I decided to go around Lake Natoma since it was 60 degrees and somewhat sunny today. Yay!

We went counterclockwise from the Folsom parking garage. The back of my right knee likes bicycling, but I clobbered it in yoga this morning (I forgot to be careful) and it is sore when walking.
But bicycling is FINE.

We stopped by Mikes Bikes in Folsom (where Bicycles Plus used to be) to get some Specialized footbed shoe inserts for Red Leader. And I got a new pair also, since I've been informed they need to be changed out every year. Not every 4 years.



09 January 2016

No soggy doggy

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Friday, January 8th

I whipsawed poor Red Leader by announcing I didn't want to do hills, then picking a hilly route. Well. Kind of hilly.

9 miles in Empire Ranch (Folsom) mostly bike trails.

Overcast, but not too cold. I dithered about wearing arm-warmers but, knowing there was a long slow climb coming, decided not to wear them. Glad I skipped them.

I did stop at the top of the hill to put on a vest over my shirt and jacket. My sweaty self would get chilled bombing down the hill otherwise.

Here's our ride profile (Strava)

About 3 miles of up up up then WHEE!

Don't know when we will get out again. It is raining and Red Leader has a cold!


01 January 2016

End and Begin as You Mean to Go On

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And ...


Red Leader and I took advantage of the slightly warmer weather the last day of 2015 and went up to Roseville to see if the hill-shaving-fairies had been as active in Roseville as they had been in Folsom.

Red Leader decided perhaps Local i-1 (Fairy Union chapters are imaginary, you see) dispute and the hill-shaving-fairies had been on strike.

We did a little bit of Miner's Ravine Trail, and all of False Ravine Trail. Red Leader's right knee was troubling him so we turned around and went back.

One kid exclaimed, "Dad! Are those racing bikes!?" Child, child, child. It is the rider that makes the race, not the machine.

Today I proved that aphorism by creeping up various small hills in Folsom at about 3mph. It was COLD!

A few rides back, I had finally tried out my screaming yellow neoprene shoe covers from Aerotech Designs (well made, un-logoed bike wear. Google them.) Well, I wear my bike shoes ridiculously loose, otherwise, my feet ache and tingle. The shoe covers (XL) were snug enough that my feet were warm, but squashed. Today, I reverted to my previous method of wearing sandwich baggies over my socks. Should have worn warmer socks. Feet were a bit cold.

And my route took me up and down Folsom Crossing, where the chill of my sweaty self rolling down the hill at 25mph was too cold to endure. So I turned around and went back, stopping at the crest to don a fleece vest and a windbreaker in addition to the two wool shirts (lightweight, but ... wool ...) and wind-blocking jacket I was already wearing.

I scooted down East Natoma street, with the here and gone bike lane, chanting "Thanks, Thanks, No Thank, WTF!!" as cars passed me mostly NOT obeying the 3ft rule. Come on people, there are two motor vehicle travel lanes along there.

Anyway. It was a good way to end a year and start another one.

Here are most of the titles I considered and discarded for this post

Happy New Year
Brass Monkey
Thanks, Thanks, No Thanks
The Incredible Disappearing Bike Lanes of Folsom, California
News Flash! Hill-Shaving-Fairies Strike!