25 February 2016

Twofer, four-fer?

January 20 #399 / #190
January 25 #400 / #191

February 10th
#401 / #192
I don't remember where we rode, but I do know I forgot to turn on Strava that day.

February 21st
No ride, tire blowout and much fun at Alphabent
My tire blew out while I was not paying attention. I was not riding at the time, I don't think. I'm sure I would have noticed thump-a thump-a thump-a.

Anyway, got new tires all around for both trikes. Trying Schwalbe Trykers. Very nice tires! Red Leader got wire bead and I got folding bead (Shop Dude didn't have enough wire bead to go around for both trikes.) I don't think I'll be going back to Scorchers.
Shop Dude (owner of Alphabent) fixed Red Leader's magic spinning boom problem by drilling and tapping three holes and screwing it in place. If RL gets the boom to move after this, he needs to go hire on with Marvel as a new superhero: Boom!
SD also painstakingly replaced the steel wear plate (my name for it) that is part of the folding frame of both our trikes. It is a wear plate for the locking lever. Mine gave up completely.

February 23rd
Red Leader went solo, as I had more mechanicals.
Did I take the time to put the seat on my trike and take a quick spin around the block while at the shop on Sunday? No. No, I did not.
So, my chain tube had come loose and was all jammed up in the suspension/sway bar things my overly complicated (only when things go sideways) and utterly lovely (most of the time) German made trike.
The next day, Wednesday, I drove over to Alphabent and had New and Improved Shop Minion (Guido, who has been there for quite a while) fix my chain tubes. I never would have figured it out myself. Go New and Improved Shop Minion! That is too long. Oh well.

February 25th
#402 / #194
20 miles, some at blazing fast speed. Still enjoying my newish heart rate monitor, got it into the pink zone (red is the highest, never gotten there - am I too mellow?).
Up and down the American River Parkway from Sunrise to Watt and back. About 20 miles.
The Trykers are very grippy - make cornering even more fun. I like them very much and recommend them for trikes.

And now I'm caught up.
That is all.

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