03 March 2016

We rate, turkeys don't

#403 / #195
March 2nd

So, there Red Leader and I are buzzing down the American River Trail, and I'm admiring the cute border collie/aussie/some-dog-that-takes-a-lot-of-minding that is staring at the turkeys beside the path. The owners of the pup are not minding it very well, so once Red Leader cruises by, the pup loses interest in the birds, and trys to visit with me.
People at dog height are better than birds you can't reach, anyway.
I _had_ been paying attention, and slowed way down, since the unmindful people were perched ½ on ½ off their skateboards and I had a vision (which did not come to pass) of a dog, leash, human, skateboard, trike trailside pileup.
We went about 18 miles, enjoying our new tires, and a moderately sunny afternoon before the rains scheduled for later this week.


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