25 April 2016

Ooops, I did it again

I have been remiss in blogging. So here's ANOTHER annoying catch up post.

March 26th
#405 / #199
25 miles
Red Leader and I saw every kind of critter except bunnies. Snake, lizard, butterflies, birds, squirrels, coyotes, turkeys. Roadies. ha ha.

March 31st
#406 / #200
20 miles from Folsom to Sunrise and back. This time, to mix it up, we went out on the north side of Lake Natoma and came back on the south. This is becoming our usual weekday afternoon ride.
Happy 200th ride, Red Leader!

April 3rd
#407 / #201
Down to the shop (Alphabent recumbents) from William Pond. It was really good to catch up with everyone there.

April 6th
#408 / #202
A measly 9.7 miles in Folsom.  But still fun!

April 11th
#409 / #203
20.6 miles - our usual Natoma ride. Good to be back on the trike!

April 17th
/  #204
I was busy at a doll show, so Red Leader racked up a ride of his own. OF 30 MILES! So proud. It turns out my suspicions of a covert resolution may have been correct. Also, this weekend we would normally have participated in Bike Around the Buttes, but a communication snafu killed that. (Even after living together for decades, we still sometimes fail.)

April 20th
#410 / #205
Another Natoma ride

April 23rd
#411 / #206 
30 miles, this time I came along with Red Leader.
Now, I'm all ambitious and am hoping for a 40 mile ride before we visit Idaho in June.

We are going to try for 2 rides a week. 20 miles on a weekday afternoon, and 30 miles on a weekend. Fingers crossed!

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