01 May 2016

Comfort is not a four letter word

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Sunday May 1st

May is Bike Month!

Red Leader and I rode 25-26 miles today, taking advantage again of the annual one day rural county road closures in Sacramento County.

I rode 8/10ths of a mile further than RL because I was trying to find the people who had signed up for my Meetup ride. I never did find them among the chaos of an overfull parking area, construction, traffic, and lots and lots of other people looking for THEIR groups. No, I'm not with the Sierra Club. Thanks.

I got Red Leader to sign up to log his miles, and we had fun reading the QR code at the Engergizer Station with our smartphones. For some reason, loading and using a QR reader made his Strava app stop working, but his Garmin heartrate thingy made a fine  back up for mileage.

We answered the usual questions about our trikes. Yes they are comfortable; yes you are welcome to exhibit a tinge of condescension from the lofty and uncomfortable perch of your arse-busting wedgie; yes - it looks easier but, like many things in life, you get out of it what you put into it; and 'comfort' is not a four letter word. Someone riding around on a laid back machine is not 'cheating'. We have exhibited learning behaviour, thankyouverymuch.

Apparently, a slight facial sunburn (sweated the sunscreen off) makes me a bit cranky.

Rain in the forecast for the week, but I hope to get the rest of my 50 pledged miles in anyway.


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