13 May 2016

Happy people

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Thursday, May 12th

Today, as Red Leader and I cruised around Lake Natoma and up to Sunrise and back, I could not but help notice all the happy people out on their bicycles, and tricycles. No unicycles (GET OUT THERE, single-wheel riders, you've wrecked my little word-picture).

The riders on their aero bars hunched over did not look particulary happy, except for one guy singing along to some music as he sped along.

Then there was the Cloud of Sound in a different fashion - probably the loudest bike I've ever heard: bangs, rattles, rumbles, squeaks, high-pitched tinging like when one tries to get the happy couple at a wedding to kiss. And the dude bombing along (he was moving fast) amidst this sound cloud sported a truly enormous beard. He also had a truly enormous grin.
We saw him again, near the end of our ride.

I was rolling along in my own cloud. Well, two clouds - one of pure pink and blue contentment (contentment must have a color, don't you think?) making a Venn diagram with the cloud of bugs which joined me whenever I slowed down significantly. So my pretty contentment-cloud was covered with bug-parts, like your windshield would be in farm country on a spring evening.

Anyway, it was another great ride.
Hope to get out again on Saturday for a 30 miler.


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