30 May 2016

May is Bike Month roundup

IOU three posts. It is hot and my brain melted. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

22nd May
#420 / #214
Really nice in-the-groove ride again. AND (news flash) Red Leader's longest ever bike ride. 33.5 miles. So proud of him.

25th May
#421 / #215
Ugh. I just could not get those pedals moving around. Did I do too much? Probably.

30th May
#422 / #216
AND WE DID IT. Red Leader and I both met our pledged miles for May is Bike Month. 200 miles (well, a little more). Next year, I'd like to try for 15 logged rides in May. That's just 6 more than we did this month.
Today was hot hot hot. So RL dragged himself out of bed a bit earlier than he might on a vacation day, allowing us to finish our ride before 1pm. Most of the the time there was a nice breeze, but some of the short hills on the American River Trail were just little bitty bake ovens.
The American River Parkway was jam packed with people. Kids, families, a pair of sisters(?) who happened to ride our same route at the same time and showed up as part of our Strava reckoning. Plenty of other two and three wheeled recumbents. Various rafting parties doing the rubber centipede thing smack down the middle of the paved trail.
Intoxicating smells of barbeque wafting from every park.
We are grilling tonight.

CU - three weeks until Tater TOT! WHOOOO!

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