25 June 2016

Home, home again

#439 / #223

We started earlier (much earlier than Red Leader would normally prefer) today. It will be hot hot hot.
It was under 90 our entire ride, but not by much.

Red Leader stated that 20 miles seems like nothing much now. I suggested we shoot for 20 on weekdays, and 35 on weekends and see how that goes.

We might ride at night later this week (something I'm willing to put up with to avoid frying like an egg on a griddle).

Two notable sights today.
Super Fast Squirrel: the squirrel attained 12mph along side Red Leader. The poor wee beastie was just trying to get back into the weeds while avoiding the madly spinning Wheel of Death beside him.
The Incredible Paceline o' Legs: a trio of roller bladers in a perfectly synchronized pace line, pushing along in step. If they had not been in step, they would have fouled each others' skates.

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