24 June 2016

Two June Rides

So, I was so wrapped up in prepping for riding in Idaho (see next post), that I neglected to write about these two local rides.

So, here goes!
#423-424 / #217-218

9th June, a cool afternoon ride along the American River, Folsom to Sunrise and back.
I suppose I should look up the official name of that place we turn around. I mean, "The porta potties and the water fountain" is not very clear, now is it?


Ok. "The parking lot off Elmanto." There, isn't that better?

12th June, Beals Point.
It was hot, we did it anyway. Red Leader commented that the hills seem less troublesome than before.
I agree.
We should toss this ride in every once in a while for strength. All you who do thousands of feet of climbing for a ride may move along. Nothing to see here. Move along, move along.

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