12 July 2016

Two For

Rides #429 and 430  / #223 and 224

Very hot on June 25th. Really awful. But we rode anyway. I can't remember a thing about it. Thank goodness for Strava. If not for Strava I would have no way of figuring out where I rode when.

Then there was the Sunday, July 10th.
Why such a big gap? We were off at a music workshop for a week. Also, when we were home it was hot hot hot.
We decided to ride on the north side of Lake Natoma then out to Elmanto and back to Folsom via the south side. A nice 21 miles. We were moving (for us) pretty fast. Red Leader pointed out that it was his fastest time for that route (by a few seconds). Thank you, Strava.

See, Strava = memory.

Braincells, PHAH.

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