07 November 2016

A Fork in the Road

No. I mean literally. A serving fork on the trail. Just lying there, no reason atall.

#453 / #248
7 Nov. Monday.
Red Leader went for a ride Saturday by himself. And had a flat. The tube in question has been sitting, inflated, on the kitchen counter all day. Still inflated. That man has a flat fairy following him around.

No flats today.
Anyway, we decided to do our old loop around Lake Natoma, as the time change is kind of messing with our usual schedule.
The river is high enough that the Nimbus Dam had two gates open. Nice to see. Does this mean there is hope for the drought? Dunno.
My chain tubes are beat up again, and I'm not sure when I can get in to the shop to get them changed out. Pretty sure Velotechnik did not intend to have the Scorpion folded all the time. So I go through a lot of tubes. Even with my newly acquired habit of putting the chain on the smallest rings.

Unclear when we will ride again. Hope Wednesday.


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