10 November 2016

Hurry, scurry

#454 / #259

9 Nov. Wednesday

Our usual time for our Wednesday ride was disrupted by the end of daylight savings time, and by my work schedule.

So Red Leader drove in the bike-carrying truck from his work, and I drove from my work, meeting in the Folsom garage around 3:15 to start our refreshing 15 mile ride.

I could only find one water bottle in the morning brain fog, and Red Leader left his in the fridge at work, but my missing bottle was in the car, already full. So we each had a bottle, stopping to refill on our way back by Nimbus boat launch.

We did our shorter weekday afternoon ride from Folsom out to an easy turnaround before Sunrise, then back on whatever side of the lake we hadn't ridden on the way out.

I hope to ride again on Friday or Saturday this week! We shall see.

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