04 November 2016

Long time comin'

Whew. Has it really been THAT LONG since I wrote a blog post? Any blog post?

Yes, yes it has.

months and months and months!
I shall attempt a summary, and a big jump in our ride counts.

Last time we were here:
Me on ride #430  and Red Leader on #224

I can say that we have ridden together every time but twice since then, so I can just count the Strava riding activities and do some arithmetic.

One more ride in July where I forgot to bring my phone. So I manually added a ride based on Red Leader's Strava info. July's average ride distance 20 miles.

Then, four rides in August (five for Red Leader), including a re-visit of Folsom's neighborhood bike paths. Average ride distance 13 miles. A ride of a whopping 2.8 miles accounts for the low average.
This was the month when RL had 6 flats in two days of riding. 5 on the rear wheel. New rim tape seems to have done the trick. Red Leader, on the 2.8 mile ride, dragged his trike off the American River Parkway via a neighborhood access road, while I rode back to get the car and meet him. The ride I didn't go on also involved enough flats that Red Leader ran out of tubes and I had to drive to Sacramento to fetch him. He started carrying his street shoes with him for the next month. A talisman against flats.

Seven rides in September (we resolved to exercise more frequently) with an average distance of 19 miles. One of those was a 8.9 mile slog up to Beales Point.

Nine rides in October (8 for Red Leader). Average of 19.4
My solo ride was from Hazel over to the Capital Air Show. Really fun. I parked bikes with SABA for a few hours, then wandered the airshow in the cool drizzle. Riding back, the detours from traffic control meant I rode a considerable distance further on 5 lane roads, but I was liberally bedecked in hi-viz yellow, blinking lights, and flags, so it was not too bad.

And one in November. So far.

#452 for me and #246 for Red Leader

Somewhere in this back-log mess, my on-board odometer rolled over to 7000 miles. That does not seem like much to me, but at least I noticed it.

The weather is about perfect for riding, as long as the rain stays away. We are nervously anticipating the time change, when our afternoon weekday ride will have to start an hour earlier. Good thing my work schedule is part time and Red Leader has piles of vacation time he must use (or lose).

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