25 November 2016

Turkey Trot

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Thanksgiving day 2016

Since I work on our usual holiday ride day (Black Friday) we opted outside a day early.
No turkeys spotted, but we did see some deer. Lots of deer. Remarkably unafraid of us.

A brisk ride of just under 20 miles, I enjoyed the chance to wear my tights, ear warmers, and arm warmers. I ditched the arm warmers after a mile or so.

The trail was not deserted, with family groups on foot and on wheels, and some exercise-hooked singles.

And I would like to offer a PSA to conventional bicycle riders. You might want to get a friend to check your backside for visibility. Not for lights or reflective gear, but for the appearance of your bike shorts or tights in bright sunlight. I can confirm that at least two cyclists yesterday, one male, one female, eschew underwear under their bike bottoms. Then there was the plumber's butt incident. FOR THE LOVE OF MIKE, PULL UP YOUR SHORTS!

that is all

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