27 January 2017

December/January Catch-up

#463 / #275

Yes, yes, I've been egregiously radio-silent for two months.
Sue me.

December 4th, December 11th, and December 25th Red Leader and I rode up and down the American River.

Then I got a horrible cold, work got busy, and the rain rained hard enough I thought about an Ark.
For pairs of recumbents, of course.

Red Leader got in four rides by himself in January, and then we rode at the same time and in the same place today!


Spring is on the way in Northern California, with green green grass, dead trail-side squirrels, and lots of horse poop.
Sunshine and bird song too.

Several other recumbents (three and two wheeled) out in the sunshine and intrepid runners and roadies and cruisers and all sorts of lucky people with a Friday afternoon off.

I do not know when we/I will ride again, but I'll try not to let it be a month gap again!!


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