24 July 2014

too darn hot

Saturday, July 19th and Wednesday, July 23rd

#339 / #143 (the Wednesday numbers)

Red Leader went out by himself last week, as I felt it necessary to stay home with our elderly dog (she is feeling better now, yay). So I went out on Saturday very early in the morning. It has been a long time since I started a ride with the sun, and it felt good!
A cool 63 degrees. I started at Iron Point and went out to Sunrise Rec Area. A ride of only 11 miles total, since the trail past Sunrise would be closed starting 1/2 hour before I got there for some big event.

Wednesday's ride was unusual in that Red Leader and I saw no other recumbents of any kind on the trail. We rode 22 miles, from Sunrise to Howe Ave and back. We timed our ride perfectly and got back just as the sun was setting. So I suppose my July rides could be considered sunrise to sunset.

It's going to be hot hot hot again this weekend, so I don't expect we'll ride much until the heatwave breaks.

13 June 2014


#337 / #141

The weather is cooler (only 90 this afternoon) and Red Leader and I finally, finally made it out for a ride. A short ride, a mere 12 miles, but satisfying nevertheless.

And that's all I feel like writing today. So there. Phhhhhhhhht, as Bill the Cat would have said.

31 May 2014

2-leaf clover


Today was the day for my 'famous' 9+9 = 18 ride, where the early birds meet at 8am and go ride around Empire Ranch, then the rest of the folks meet us 1.5 hours later for a relaxing casual ride around Folsom.

It was 19 miles for me, making me still below the 200 I pledged this year for May is Bike Month and far short of last years astounding (for me) 249 miles. How did I manage that, anyway? No clue.

As I write this, after a busy afternoon of band-geekery, Red Leader is out riding around, getting the rest of the 100 miles he pledged for MiBM.

CU in June!

28 May 2014


#335 / #139

Red Leader and I got a late start today, 6:35pm, after fixing a flat on his right front tire. He replaced the tube, I supervised.

We went from the Folsom parking garage to some really outstandingly awful porta-potties past the Upper and Lower Sunrise areas.

We got back right before sunset: still enough light to see but glad we were both running front and rear blinkies as the bikes oncoming and overtaking us at the end of our ride were remarkably difficult to see (those with no lights).

I don't take corners as fast as Red Leader does, so he slowly pulls away from me on curvy sections, like the one coming to Willow Creek boat launch from the west.
Anyway, Red Leader was 1 curve ahead of me the whole way through that, and the tall yellow flag looked just like a shark fin, cruising right, then left, then right, then left.

I'm leading a ride on Saturday morning, and that'll be my last ride for May is Bike Month. I toyed with the idea of riding around tomorrow, to make up the lousy 33 miles I'll be missing from the 200 I pledged, but I just have too many other things to do. Boo hoo!

24 May 2014

Pizza, gravel, trains

#344 / #138

Red Leader and I rode down to Alphabent (local recumbent shop) where we met yet another new shop minion. I don't know what I'll call him: Nameless Minion? to pick up the replacement seat mesh for RL's Gekko, which was stretching out where he sits.

It was rather hot today, but we decided to see about detouring to Costco over on Expo for a slice of pizza. I was - as uaual - hungry! We found a place to park out of the way. I minded the trikes and Red Leader fetched hot hot pepperoni pizza. Yum!

We headed back towards the bike trail, deciding to continue along the levee to see if there was a bike path entrance at the other end of the Costco building. We didn't see one, but we did get to ride/skid down an access hill covered with large gravel to rejoin the bike trail.

Just as we were going under the elevated train bridge, the freight loco let off several blasts for the upcoming level crossing. Very loud under the bridge!

We staggered back to our parking spot at William Pond, sweaty and tired.

Saw 5 trikes and 2 recumbents on the trail. The recumbent may have been the same one twice. It was orange, I can tell you that.

19 May 2014

The Divine Delta

#343 / #136

Sunday, May 18th
Red Leader and I headed out yesterday to the Delta to ride around on Andrus Island and Isleton Roads. The County of Sacramento, as they did a few weeks ago for the Great Scott! ride, closed sections of some roads in the Delta to all but residents, and invited bicylists and walkers to come out and play.

It is about an hour's drive to Walnut Grove, near the historic town of Locke, and it was a nice drive through rural Sacramento County to the Community Center (parking, and most importantly, bathrooms!). We decided to go counter clock wise to have the river on our side of the road.

It was a really nice day for a ride. There was a bit of a quartering head wind on the leg heading north on Isleton Rd, but we sure enjoyed the 3 mile return with a quartering tailwind!

Andrus Island Road cuts across the island, and the road surface was not a nice as the othe road. Red Leader decided that he would want a trike with a 26" wheel and suspension if he were to ride on roads like that in the future. It was not too bad on my fully suspended Scorpion, but there was a lot of vibration.

12 May 2014



Sunday, 11 May

Have I used this title before? (yes, I have. Tough.)
Anyway, yesterday's ride (and the day before's, for that matter) induced the worst allergies I've had since I was a kid baling hay in the ragweed-infested Midwest.

I started at Alphabent on C and 11th, after having Other Shop Dude sort out my new rear fender (was rubbing on the tire a little bit) and planned to ride up to Elverta on the Northern rail trail, but stopped when I got to Rio Linda as the wind was just too much.

It was better coming back - I was rolling along at 15-17mph instead of 8-10mph but today, waking up with my eyes puffy, blindly groping for the tissues, was less fun.

Red Leader will be back in town today, so we will resume our together-rides on Tues or Wednesday. Yay!