12 November 2014

Short days

Wednesday, 12 November

#356 / #157

We only went 10 miles today. It is hard to figure out how to ride on a weekday afternoon when the darn sun goes down at 4:45pm. Red Leader just takes a few hours off of work and we go.

We rode from the parking garage in Folsom out to Nimbus Flats and back. Nothing special, but we could tell that we had ridden hard on Sunday!

I debated starting out in a jacket, but decided to just wear shirtsleeves. I was fairly chilly for the first few miles, then I warmed right up. But I was glad to put the jacket on when we were done with our ride. It maybe time to find a long sleeves high-viz shirt.

Probably Sunday this weekend.

Cashing in

9 Nov

#355 / #157

The fruits of my plotting were to incorporate the Johnny Cash trail (Folsom, CA) into our ride today.

New bike trail up to the new Johnny Cash overcrossing. Pretty cool!

We went on Oak Ave trail between Blue Ravine and Natomas St, rode the couple hundred feet on the shoulder to the new center median left turn green painted "bike box" that allows bike and ped traffic to make its way across busy Natomas Rd.

Then it was up over the new overcrossing and down the other side of Folsom Crossing. We'd planned to continue up to Beale's Point, but Red Leader decided that he didn't want to get his heart rate up over 165 anymore times that day.

No worries!

I took us back to the Raley's parking lot via the horrible crossings of the rail-trail that parallels Folsom Blvd. Will use the riverside bike trail next time! I think it would have been about 20 miles if we had gone to Beals and used the riverside bike path.

This is our route with some elevation info (screenshot from Strava - I give up on Google Maps - used to be good for making routes, now stinks like a three day old roadkill skunk).

09 November 2014

Birthday ride

5 Nov

#354 / #156

Neither Red Leader nor I were up to riding my age this year, so we declared it "Ladies' Choice" and I chose to ride around Lake Natomas. So we did!

It was perfect weather and a great birthday ride. On the way home, I persuaded RL to drive on East Natomas so I could see if the new path leading up to the new overcrossing was open. It was! So I started plotting ...

03 November 2014

Walloping along

Sunday, 2 November

#353 / #155

Red Leader and I finally managed to get out the door for a ride. Cool, sunny, unexpectedly windy.

Strava let me down, recording 3.8 miles of my 19 mile ride. And I was even trying for a PR on the Enchanted Forest segment. I don't play the personal record game, but sometimes I just can't resist. So I have no idea if I was even near my previous best time.

Oh well.

Saw a deer, RL saw a coyote, and lots of squirrels.

A trio of trike riders, and we saw two more as we were driving up to the Sunrise Rec area.

And that's about all I can remember from the ride.


25 October 2014

Singin' in the Rain

Saturday, October 25

I had intended to meet up with the TARTAR riders (organized through bentrideronline) for the 10am ride from Rancho Cordova to Folsom.

The ride's official route is RC to F and back, but I hate riding on a full stomach, and I'd rather ride earlier than later given the chance, so I usually ride from Folsom to the ride start, then do the 1st half of the official ride, hitting the important part of the ride, lunch, with the crowd.

Well, it is raining today. And windy. And I managed to start out when the rain started, and then became a brief downpour. So I got soaked. Which I was actually dressed for. BUT - my plan would have me standing around in a parking lot for who knows how long, waiting for the group to get rolling, getting colder and colder and colder. As long as I'm moving, I can be soaked through and stay warm (wool). But once I stop .....

I have never gotten hypothermia and I don't plan on starting now.

So I turned around after about 3.5 miles and went back to Folsom, changed into the dry shirt from the car, and ate my breakfast at Karen's Bakery Cafe. Yum!

I've got to say, that I got more nods and smiles and hellos then I ever have on a Sat morning ride. The community of nutters running and riding in the rain are friendly folk. Maybe they were just relieved to see someone else out exercising in the rain. I know I was.

The rain brings out all the wonderful smells of the woodland - mostly pine, but all lovely.

I have a huge heap of soaked bike clothes, my bike is covered in mud and tossed up tree-bits. It sure is nice to be inside right now. And as I write this, the sun is shining! Aaaaargh!

22 October 2014

Like, omg, cosmic dude

#351 / #153

Wednesday, October 22

I could not have arranged our ride tally numbers in a more pleasing fashion if I had planned it. And I didn't, so I'm extra pleased.

Today we mixed it up a little bit, out and back between Folsom's parking garage and the ped bridge in Fair Oaks, all along the American River trail. We had about 2 hours of daylight when we were finally ready to go, so we went a conservative 16 miles. We could have gone a bit farther, but then we would have missed the nifty glowing pink clouds at sunset on our drive home.

Not a lot of wildlife, except for some death-wish squirrels. What fall colors the Sacramento Valley has are starting to appear, and the reflections in the river were outstanding. I need to go back out there with a camera and tripod and all that.

I might ride on Saturday - have not decided yet. Will I make my 52 mile birthday ride in early November. Doubtful!


18 October 2014

Four rides, no waiting

Yes, faithful readers, I have been not feeling much like writing. But I'm back in the groove now, so I will say that today's ride (and the three before that since last we talked) were all nice.

24th Sept, 1st and 13th October

And today, Oct 18th #350 / #152

The ride on the 13th was a quick 3.5 miles from the auto repair to my husband's office, where I picked up the car and multi-moded my way home.

The 24th and the 1st were some of our usual rides on the trail.

Today was lovely - high 70s, not too breezy, sunny. We saw 7 other recumbents - 4 trikes and 3 bikes.
Several squirrels tried to stare me down from the middle of the pavement. I won.

I thought I'd try not bringing or consuming snacks on this ride, hoping that my grain and fruit breakfast and mid morning chicken tandoori w/ rice snack would tide me over.
Nope, not at all! I'm good for about 40 minutes before I start flagging. Red Leader can ride for hours on one donut. Not me. I need refueling. So I just got slower and slower and slower but eventually finished the 22 mile ride.

Tttttthat's all, folks!