01 May 2016

Comfort is not a four letter word

#413 / #208
Sunday May 1st

May is Bike Month!

Red Leader and I rode 25-26 miles today, taking advantage again of the annual one day rural county road closures in Sacramento County.

I rode 8/10ths of a mile further than RL because I was trying to find the people who had signed up for my Meetup ride. I never did find them among the chaos of an overfull parking area, construction, traffic, and lots and lots of other people looking for THEIR groups. No, I'm not with the Sierra Club. Thanks.

I got Red Leader to sign up to log his miles, and we had fun reading the QR code at the Engergizer Station with our smartphones. For some reason, loading and using a QR reader made his Strava app stop working, but his Garmin heartrate thingy made a fine  back up for mileage.

We answered the usual questions about our trikes. Yes they are comfortable; yes you are welcome to exhibit a tinge of condescension from the lofty and uncomfortable perch of your arse-busting wedgie; yes - it looks easier but, like many things in life, you get out of it what you put into it; and 'comfort' is not a four letter word. Someone riding around on a laid back machine is not 'cheating'. We have exhibited learning behaviour, thankyouverymuch.

Apparently, a slight facial sunburn (sweated the sunscreen off) makes me a bit cranky.

Rain in the forecast for the week, but I hope to get the rest of my 50 pledged miles in anyway.


28 April 2016

What the Heck

#412 / #207

'What the heck' Think of all the possible meanings different inflections can yield. 

Today, an adorable little girl added a question mark AND an exclamation point upon seeing us rolling by on our splendid recumbent trikes.

Enough philosophy. 

Our ride today was our usual 20 miler along the American River from Folsom to Sunrise and back.

25 April 2016

Ooops, I did it again

I have been remiss in blogging. So here's ANOTHER annoying catch up post.

March 26th
#405 / #199
25 miles
Red Leader and I saw every kind of critter except bunnies. Snake, lizard, butterflies, birds, squirrels, coyotes, turkeys. Roadies. ha ha.

March 31st
#406 / #200
20 miles from Folsom to Sunrise and back. This time, to mix it up, we went out on the north side of Lake Natoma and came back on the south. This is becoming our usual weekday afternoon ride.
Happy 200th ride, Red Leader!

April 3rd
#407 / #201
Down to the shop (Alphabent recumbents) from William Pond. It was really good to catch up with everyone there.

April 6th
#408 / #202
A measly 9.7 miles in Folsom.  But still fun!

April 11th
#409 / #203
20.6 miles - our usual Natoma ride. Good to be back on the trike!

April 17th
/  #204
I was busy at a doll show, so Red Leader racked up a ride of his own. OF 30 MILES! So proud. It turns out my suspicions of a covert resolution may have been correct. Also, this weekend we would normally have participated in Bike Around the Buttes, but a communication snafu killed that. (Even after living together for decades, we still sometimes fail.)

April 20th
#410 / #205
Another Natoma ride

April 23rd
#411 / #206 
30 miles, this time I came along with Red Leader.
Now, I'm all ambitious and am hoping for a 40 mile ride before we visit Idaho in June.

We are going to try for 2 rides a week. 20 miles on a weekday afternoon, and 30 miles on a weekend. Fingers crossed!

24 March 2016


#404 / #198

23 March 2016

We rode about 20 miles today, along the fuller-than-in-a-while-OMG-it-has-actually-rained American River.


Bugs hitching a ride on my jersey. Bugs inhaled. Bugs bouncing off my nose. Bugs behind my glasses.

Anyway, it was GREAT to be back out again, despite the bugs and my seasonal allergies. The new tires continue to perform, our trikes are holding up well (did I just jinx that?!) and we are looking forward to a few more sunny days this week.


03 March 2016

We rate, turkeys don't

#403 / #195
March 2nd

So, there Red Leader and I are buzzing down the American River Trail, and I'm admiring the cute border collie/aussie/some-dog-that-takes-a-lot-of-minding that is staring at the turkeys beside the path. The owners of the pup are not minding it very well, so once Red Leader cruises by, the pup loses interest in the birds, and trys to visit with me.
People at dog height are better than birds you can't reach, anyway.
I _had_ been paying attention, and slowed way down, since the unmindful people were perched ½ on ½ off their skateboards and I had a vision (which did not come to pass) of a dog, leash, human, skateboard, trike trailside pileup.
We went about 18 miles, enjoying our new tires, and a moderately sunny afternoon before the rains scheduled for later this week.


25 February 2016

Twofer, four-fer?

January 20 #399 / #190
January 25 #400 / #191

February 10th
#401 / #192
I don't remember where we rode, but I do know I forgot to turn on Strava that day.

February 21st
No ride, tire blowout and much fun at Alphabent
My tire blew out while I was not paying attention. I was not riding at the time, I don't think. I'm sure I would have noticed thump-a thump-a thump-a.

Anyway, got new tires all around for both trikes. Trying Schwalbe Trykers. Very nice tires! Red Leader got wire bead and I got folding bead (Shop Dude didn't have enough wire bead to go around for both trikes.) I don't think I'll be going back to Scorchers.
Shop Dude (owner of Alphabent) fixed Red Leader's magic spinning boom problem by drilling and tapping three holes and screwing it in place. If RL gets the boom to move after this, he needs to go hire on with Marvel as a new superhero: Boom!
SD also painstakingly replaced the steel wear plate (my name for it) that is part of the folding frame of both our trikes. It is a wear plate for the locking lever. Mine gave up completely.

February 23rd
Red Leader went solo, as I had more mechanicals.
Did I take the time to put the seat on my trike and take a quick spin around the block while at the shop on Sunday? No. No, I did not.
So, my chain tube had come loose and was all jammed up in the suspension/sway bar things my overly complicated (only when things go sideways) and utterly lovely (most of the time) German made trike.
The next day, Wednesday, I drove over to Alphabent and had New and Improved Shop Minion (Guido, who has been there for quite a while) fix my chain tubes. I never would have figured it out myself. Go New and Improved Shop Minion! That is too long. Oh well.

February 25th
#402 / #194
20 miles, some at blazing fast speed. Still enjoying my newish heart rate monitor, got it into the pink zone (red is the highest, never gotten there - am I too mellow?).
Up and down the American River Parkway from Sunrise to Watt and back. About 20 miles.
The Trykers are very grippy - make cornering even more fun. I like them very much and recommend them for trikes.

And now I'm caught up.
That is all.

15 January 2016

The Stare of Approval

#398 / #190

Red Leader and I took advantage of another rain-free afternoon to head out to the Sunrise area of the American River trail.
On our way back, having talked suspension with random passersby, we encountered an elderly fellow, with a cane, hobbling along the trail.
I slowed way down, as it was unclear which way he would go next, which gave me and Old Dude the opportunity for a short conversation, "Don't get a speeding ticket!" 'I never do!!" Smiles all around.
Driving home, RL asked me what the old fellow had said. Red Leader had also received what he interpreted as a glare and a pointed finger.
I declared it a Stare and Point of Approval.

But, then, I suppose I'm an optimist.