13 August 2017


I'm still riding when I can, but I'm totally uninterested in keeping up this blog.
Please enjoy the old posts, and maybe I'll see you on the Sacramento area trails some day!


27 January 2017

December/January Catch-up

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Yes, yes, I've been egregiously radio-silent for two months.
Sue me.

December 4th, December 11th, and December 25th Red Leader and I rode up and down the American River.

Then I got a horrible cold, work got busy, and the rain rained hard enough I thought about an Ark.
For pairs of recumbents, of course.

Red Leader got in four rides by himself in January, and then we rode at the same time and in the same place today!


Spring is on the way in Northern California, with green green grass, dead trail-side squirrels, and lots of horse poop.
Sunshine and bird song too.

Several other recumbents (three and two wheeled) out in the sunshine and intrepid runners and roadies and cruisers and all sorts of lucky people with a Friday afternoon off.

I do not know when we/I will ride again, but I'll try not to let it be a month gap again!!


01 December 2016

Flippin' Visors

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Thursday, December 1st

Today day we took our short, but not shortest, weekday afternoon ride along the American River.

Red Leader's visor (Da Brim) finally flipped off on the downhill (velcro vs wind) on the Hazel bridge. We were able to retrieve it, no problem.

Chilly - I wore my double layer wool Ibex gloves. Too much. Sweaty wrists. No arm warmers, but did wear tights and my windproof jacket.

And a wool Buff to cover up my super sensitive ears. Were you one of those children who got earaches all the time? I was, and still am. No cold breezes around my ears, please.

Finally, my early fears of riding trikes along the pedestrian/bikeway on the Folsom Auburn bridge came to pass. Some numbnut decided to pass both of us, despite me announcing and gesturing that he could cut in between us until the ONCOMING BICYCLISTS were safely pass. Said oncoming riders ended up slamming to an ungraceful and startled halt, clipped in and clinging to the concrete divider so Mr Numbnuts could ride by. Being a middle aged female, I apologized to them. BUT IT WAS NOT OUR FAULT. I hope Mr. NN got a flat today.
The Petty Person, signing off.

25 November 2016

Turkey Trot

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Thanksgiving day 2016

Since I work on our usual holiday ride day (Black Friday) we opted outside a day early.
No turkeys spotted, but we did see some deer. Lots of deer. Remarkably unafraid of us.

A brisk ride of just under 20 miles, I enjoyed the chance to wear my tights, ear warmers, and arm warmers. I ditched the arm warmers after a mile or so.

The trail was not deserted, with family groups on foot and on wheels, and some exercise-hooked singles.

And I would like to offer a PSA to conventional bicycle riders. You might want to get a friend to check your backside for visibility. Not for lights or reflective gear, but for the appearance of your bike shorts or tights in bright sunlight. I can confirm that at least two cyclists yesterday, one male, one female, eschew underwear under their bike bottoms. Then there was the plumber's butt incident. FOR THE LOVE OF MIKE, PULL UP YOUR SHORTS!

that is all

21 November 2016

One hour, fifteen

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Monday, November 21st
Retail madness (my new job) - even part time - is interfering with my chances to ride while the sun is shining. Red Leader, being a computer guy and independent of clamoring customers, snuck out for a ride on the 18th. 22.8 miles. Go, Red Leader!!

Today, we cruised around Lake Natoma backwards (counter clockwise) squinting into the patches of sun on the way west, and switching on our lights on the way back east.

I would like to shave 15 minutes off this ride and do it in one hour, but I'd need to be a LOT faster on the flats and really spin around the curvy parts, and charge up the hills. I might never make it, but the attempt will occupy me for a few years.

Next ride, Turkey Day - weather permitting!

Folsom Ramble, a New Beginning

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9.7 miles in beautiful Folsom on Nov 14th
We didn't have a lot of time, so we did a quick lovely ride through lots of fall leaves.
The Hill Shaving Fairies had been at it again, with inclines we used to notice becoming almost unnoticeable.
You will notice that Red Leader's ride number jumped by one more than mine. He has been trying very hard to exercise every other day, and I'm so pleased that he can go for a ride when I'm stuck at work.

12 November 2016

Little, Middle, Big or Nerds on Bikes, a Conversation

Friday, Nov 11th

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Little, middle, big might refer to chain rings, but for these two nerdy recumbent riders, it was all about the glutes.

Yes, children. Butt muscles.

Specifically, the proper Latin plural for gluteus medius. That the muscle I feel the most after frequent rides. We never did figure the plural out. Red Leader had more Latin than I ever did, but it was a long time ago.

So, there you have it. Nerds.
Nerds on bikes.
The world is safe again.