21 March 2015

This squirrel walks into a derailleur

#368 / #165

There was no actual squirrel /derailleur contact. Relax.
Red Leader had an adventure on his last ride (#164). His rear derailleur over shifted his chain into the wheel! He towed the trike a mile back to the car, loaded it up, and drove down to Alphabent, where he got a new hanger and his chain straightened out.

Today, since there was some question about the state of his chain tubes (deplorable), we rode together down to Alphabent, where Shop Minion G got the tubes all sorted out. In the process of doing this, G discovered that the limit screw on the derailluer (I think, anyway) was stripped. Or anyway, something was wrong, so Red Leader now has a new rear derailluer! Yay! Whatever it was is why the thing overshifted last weekend.

On the way back to our car (William Pond, as usual), having correctly identified the barrel adjusters for his twist shifters (I have inline adjusters), I indulged in a conversation bellow while wizzing down the trail at 12 mph, coaching Red Leader through adjusting things so he has the use of all 9 rear gears. His trike didn't want to shift to the largest ring in back. Now it does! Success!

We had three separate instances of Sam the Suicide Squirrel, trying to fling himself to his death or dismemberment under our trikes.

When will our next ride be? I have no clue, but I live in hope.

15 February 2015

Alphabent soup

Red Leader and I finally had a day together to ride!
We elected to start from William Pond and ride the 12 1/2 miles to the Alphabent recumbent bike shop in Sacramento.
It has been months since we'd been there and I speculated that there would be a new shop minion. And there was! Sweating like a one armed paper hanger, he still found time to take down our request for new chain tubes for the trikes.
There were plenty of people there, so we two introverts got to talk to new people! And some familiar ones. Yay!
On the way back we saw a very long freight train (3 engines) pulling flat cars loaded with an amazing variety of military vehicles. Some were green and some beige and that's about all I can tell you.
Red Leader got a rear flat (probably from the broken glass on C St that I managed to avoid). Fixed with no problems, although I'd like to hybridize our two mini pumps, taking the in line gauge from mine and the ability to stay clamped on the stinking stem from Red Leader's!
I need to buy more tubes. We like the Schwalbe with the longer stems. And I nerd a new helmet: looks like I dropped it on concrete one two many times. And I need a new sports bra. And new socks. Sheesh!

02 February 2015

Rollin' Rollers

Saturday, January 31st


I led a morning ride of two diamond frames on my little 21 mile hill-slog. My average speed was 9.7, while the fastest rider (I was the slowest, natch') averaged about 11. The other two waited for me at the top of the hills, but I was never very far behind.

I feel less toasted after this ride then the last time I did it, so my plan of getting stronger must be working.

It was a nice cool sunny day with a slight breeze. I was cold starting out, but warmed up after the first hill.

I did take a few minutes the other day and lube the chain and various other moving parts. Less noise, more fun now. I'll admit to 'repairing' one splitting chain tube with Gorilla tape. I need to just order a whole set of new tubes for both trikes and figure out how to put them on. Sigh.

It is supposed to rain sometime real soon, so I'm not sure when next I'll ride.

30 January 2015

BBQ heaven!


Wednesday, January 28th

I had a couple of library books to return, and a woefully empty stomach, so I cruised on over to the library, then to a BBQ place for some delicious smoked chicken breast on a bun. The staff brings you a bewildering array of sauces. I went with the mustard-based bbq sauce. Yum!
Then home.
Once I got near the house, I wished I had reversed my stops, spending a half hour or so digesting at the library before going up many little hills. Or maybe a hour digesting.
No vomiting, so no worries!

Riding on Saturday with a small group. Yay!

18 January 2015

Roadkill Rumba

#362 / #161

Red Leader and I left our sunny house to ride in (overcast and chilly!) Folsom today.

I was a bit underdressed (but it was SUNNY!!!) however, I soon warmed up enough to be perfectly comfortable. My arm warmers and BOTH pairs of leg warmers were rolled up neatly on the kitchen counter (in the place where the outgoing bike stuff resides) and there they stayed. So I was in an UnderArmour HeatGear long sleeved shirt under a polyester windbreaker, with shorts and wool socks. Fingerless gloves.

We went around Lake Natoma (with an interesting detour on a new bike path) so it was fairly hilly. On a flatter ride in these conditions (53 degress and no sunshine) I may have wanted tights, shoe covers (although the tights might have helped deliver warmer blood to my toes), arm warmers, and shoe covers (repeat my comment about leg warmers, subbing arms and toes). I did (thankfully) have my Buff with me (a wool one) which makes an admirable ear cover. My ears are very sensitive to cold air and I get earaches very easily.

I also had a flat! Sadly, it was the front right, which had already been swapped out for a Schwalbe tube. I like the Schwalbe tubes - they seem to lose less air just sitting, and are nice and skinny, making it very easy to keep the tube from between the rim and the tire. Why sadly? Because I'm too tightfisted to swap out perfectly good (Kenda) tubes for nicer Schwalbe, and was hoping to eventually get around to all three tires through the 'kind' offices of the Flat Fairy. Said Fairy is not keeping track of my plan, however.

Gosh, I almost forgot. Why the title? Because RL decided to ride on a road in traffic. On the shoulder, which was fine with me (Folsom Rd is 55 through the section we rode on.) One flat skunk, one grey squirrel, probably a bird (very flat, very dead, very hard to tell), and either a small red furry critter or part of a red squirrel. Lots of roadkill to dodge. I believe I may have gotten a tiny bit on skunk on a tire. We'll see next time I open the car. Ha ha ha.


15 January 2015

painful enough ...

Using Strava to figure out how many rides I have not blogged about is painful enough that I think my New Year's resolution is to blog in a timely fashion.
Yeah. That'll work.

4 Jan rode 12.9 miles with Red Leader (ride #358 / #159)
6 Jan rode 9.7 miles to and from the library solo (ride #359)
11 Jan rode 22.7 flat miles on the American River Trail with Red Leader (ride #360 / #160)
Today (15 Jan) rode 21 hilly miles solo (ride #361)

So. Strava says I burned about 900 calories on my ride, which is a good thing since I ate rather a lot of chicken salad after my ride. Yum!
1,300 feet of climbing. That's not much for many people, and I'm super slow. My average speed was 8.2 mph. So it took about  2 1/2 hours to do that ride. Which is fine by me. My top speed was 24.8mph. But I'm much more physically tired than after our usual ride, which means I have not been increasing in fitness riding just with Red Leader. He dislikes hills even more than I do!

UnderArmour finally got their act together and sells a long sleeved high-viz shirt in their Heat Gear line. It even has a zip neck! I wear a men's medium in this loose-fitting shirt. I stopped at Sports Authority this morning to buy one. It was somewhere between 45 and 60 degrees F on the ride, I started off with a windbreaker over the shirt, but soon ditched that. Climbing hills keeps me plenty warm.
I also tried out a pair of work gloves from Home Depot on this ride. They have reflective fingertips, and bright orange and yellow backs. I felt very visible with them. They got a bit sweaty by the end of the ride, but I have famously sweaty hands.

I took the time to adjust my brakes - much better stopping power now.

Here's a screen shot of my ride's map and elevation profile from Strava.

Ta ta for now

22 December 2014

Trike polo

#357 / #158

Finally, after what seems like 40 days and 40 nights of rain for California and work-stuff for Red Leader, we got out!

I was moving very slowly, having overdone it (apparently) yesterday. So I invented a new game. There are very large pinecones littering the trail. I roll by one, jigging my front wheel as I go by (at a slow speed) shooting the poor pine cone into the weeds.

And that's all I have to say today. Happy Holidays!