04 January 2011

Hairy Horses and Falling Dogs

Ride #28
Tuesday, January 4th

A scant 5 miles in beautiful sunny Folsom.

For the third time since I got my lovely trike, I headed out to the short hilly section of Folsom's bike trails, this time with my sweetheart's college-age son in tow. OK, so he was actually ahead of me the whole way, since he is young and fit.

This trip we skipped the fun but bumpy trip up the concrete path and followed the bike lanes on Willow Creek Drive to catch up with the bike trail again. We undid our route exactly on the way back, since neither of us felt like tackling the evil steep switchbacks up to the very top of BT Collins park. We were pooped! The kid ran out of leg power and stopped on the side of a hill to get over feeling faint (he is very tall with low blood pressure) and to get the old Trek shifted to a smaller gear. I admit to coasting as much as possible, but also riding the brakes a bit more then I might, since this is the same trail I had my lovely tumble on last month (git on the horse that threw you and the hair of the dog ... oh, you get the idea!).

I saw a large raptor of some kind circling, looking for lunch, and some smaller birds closer at hand. We heard the usual dogs barking at the usual places, and saw several sets of dog walkers and other folks out enjoying the break in our winter rains.

Look left and right for power towers!

Our route generally followed a powerline. Putting a bike path under and between the line is a good use of green space. There are a few sections of bike trail that do this.

I tried out my new HD video camera, attached to the edge of my seat with an old Manfrotto clamp-on tripod. I'm pleased with the quality and I look forward to trying out different attachment points. But, boy oh boy, I talk a lot! I never shut up! If only my trike were powered with hot air, I'd be golden. The pics in this post are clipped from that video stream.

On Thursday, I'm scheduled to go meet up with a beginning cyclist to explore part of the American River trail. Fun!

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