21 June 2011

Happy Solstice!

Ride #85

In celebration of the longest day of the year, we went and rode around in the sun. Well, my friend's father came along and towed two kids in the trailer while she bemoaned her lack of exercise, and a couple more friends showed up on casual bikes.

We went along faster than I expected (avg 10mph) and we all agreed that leaving at 7am instead of 8 would have been JUST FINE.

However, it was a beautiful day, no wind like we had on Sunday, and there were lots of other people getting their workouts in before we hit 100 degs this afternoon.
Yes, summer's here.
The American River is still very high, and as I saw on Sunday, Folsom Lake (which is fed by the north and south forks American River and produces from that meeting the American River) is high also. And there is a lot of snow left to melt up the hill. I think it will be a good water summer.

We saw a couple of turkeys hanging out in the shade. We also heard a rattler. I did not realize what I had heard until a fellow walking along mentioned that he heard the snake do his thing just as we were cycling by.
Yikes! I'm the perfect height for a snake bite (and not my innertube, either).
I told my friend that I hoped the snake tried to strike through the spokes of my front wheel since I figured that would quickly decapitate the poor thing.

I am going to replace the brake pads before the next ride. Which means learning how to take the wheel off. Which I need to learn to do anyway. I'd rather take the wheel off than mess with taking the calipers off, since I'm pretty sure I can get the wheel back on, but no so sure about the calipers.

Happy trails everybody!

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