12 June 2011

The Rolling Lounger

Ride #82
Sunday, June 12th

13 miles to and from and all around the benefit event for Matthew Weitrick in Roseville, CA

Since parking might have been difficult at Royer Park, I parked about 1/2 a mile away on the backside of a shopping center and pedaled over to the event. Although my task was to chaperone the 10 mile ride, I got there WAY earlier in hopes that I could help out other ways.

And I did.

I lugged giant industrial cans of coffee and orange juice. I handed out one Bandaid and a dab of antibiotic cream. I told folks where to go and how to get there (oooooh, big surprise). I wielded a tape gun for signs. I zipped along the 10 mile route, making sure all was OK. I checked to see which parking lots still had space. I loaned out my tire-levers. I learned a new way to remove my jammed chain from between the chainrings (a screwdriver is your friend).

And finally, I lounged on my bike, ankles crossed and propped on one pedal, munching on a fantastic lunch and listening to live music. Sea otters dine while floating on their backs and I suppose recumbent trikers can too.

The pink blob in the center (upper) of the pic is Moi, lounging and dining

The event was a huge success, with over 60 people registering the day of, and hundreds pre-registered. I saw folks with looooooooooooong strips of raffle tickets draped around their necks. There were some very very nice items for both the raffle and the auctions. Like a trio of sweet cruisers!

Multiple bike groups in colorful jerseys and bicycle business were there, a handful of wild photographers (I tried to avoid them). We even had at least one person ask what was going on and then sign up to ride on the spot!
This picture does not really convey the Massive Crowd we had.

I had a chance to chat with Matt and his family for a little bit.
Matt's the right-most fellow in the foreground group

No pictures by me, since 6am (when I left the house) was far to early for me to remember such mundane things. Photos here are from one of the organizer's facebook page.

Three or more rides planned for the rest of the month.

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