16 August 2011

done, well done, over done

Ride #98
20 miles on the American River Bike Trail
Tuesday, August 16th

How do you know when you've done too much? I think I can't tell until after I'm smack dab in the middle of over done.

Too bad there is not a turkey timer for cyclists that would pop out when you are done. Or a warning light like on a car's gas gauge. Because today was just a bit too much. Two 20 mile rides and two 30 mile rides in six days is too much. That's 100 miles.

Would five 20 mile rides in 6 days have been as tiring? What about two 50 mile rides 5 days apart. Or two trips of 9 miles each day for 6 days at a 'sniff the flowers' pace?


Today's ride had my friend with the trailer full of kids and my stepson on his dad's bike and his (the stepson's) girlfriend on my old bike. Neither of them was very comfortable, but they are young and strong and survived. I kept up with the friend and the trailer. When she stopped to deal with a cranky child, I kept going, but even slower. Oh yeah. So done.

I'm taking the next few days off the bike, with a short fun ice cream ride on Friday.

For all my whining would I do it again?
Of course! 'Cause that's what I do.


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