11 August 2011

The Usual Suspects

Ride #95
Thursday, August 11th
The Usual Place for the Usual Distance (20 on the ARBT)

My friend with the trailer full of kids was along for the ride, without the trailer or the kids. She's pretty fast without that extra 100 pounds. I'm a bit faster, but I have an aero advantage. We took it easy for the first 4 miles, then I put on the speed and pulled away, but I barely had time to get out of my seat at Wm Pond (our turnaround) before she came rolling up.

Ok, ok. I could barely get out of my seat by the time she came rolling up, my glutes were that tired. Which is, I suppose, the point of this ride. Our averages were between 13 and 14 miles an hour on the way out, and only a little less on the way back.

We took turns leading on the way back and chatted about all kinds of things. Fun fun fun morning!

I hope more folks can show up for this ride, I have one more who will probably ride on Tuesdays. I'm thinking of trying some weekend versions of this ride, but the trail is quite busy. Maybe in September.

About the only mechanical thing I did between rides this time was tighten up my waterbottle cages; the bolts holding them on were loose enough I was surprised. But I suppose I should not have been, since the cages get a lot of jostling every ride from road vibration and my fumbling around retrieving and replacing the bottles.

I watched the Amelia Erhart movie the other day, and in the past I've read Beryl Markham's West with the Night (she was another early aviatrix). Both women expressed almost transcendental feelings of joy when flying, and seemed to feel flying was necessary, that life was not complete with out it.

That's how I feel about bicycling. Now if only I could write like Beryl did.

CU, keep those wheels rollin'

A link to the map with a larger version of this.

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