16 January 2012

Ally Oop(s)


Monday, January 16th
Folsom. About 6 miles? I don't know. I wasn't in charge today.

I met Al for a short meander in Folsom. It was cold but sunny. We were both imitating the Michelin man a little bit. I even wore my old Terry cool-weather tights. AND I had a wool Buff around my head for most of the ride. And two layers of merino wool AND a windbreaker. And gloves.
You get the picture.

We discussed Life the Universe and Everything and came to few useful conclusions. Topped off with a nice Subway lunch. I was good and left off the cheese and mayo in favor of nice avocado.


Today was the big day when Al finally joined the club

 No, he does not normally store his trike in the landscaping, but he got a little crazy with the two wheel thing and found a nice soft landing spot. I was a little slow to get the shot of Al reclining in the shrubs along with his trike. Later on in the ride I saw him successfully demonstrate 2 wheel riding. Pretty cool. Not something I am ready to try.

I've been experimenting a little (and tentatively) with brake-steering, easily done - sometimes too easily - with independent left-right brakes. I think I could grow to like it. It certainly whips one around the corners smartly.

A Ham.

Another thing that Al does is build interesting things for his ride. Maybe his cousin is Inspector Gadget.
I failed to guess what this was (the white bar under the boom) but Al took pity on me and told me.

It keeps his trousers out of the chain when he loads and unloads his bike from the car. Pretty slick. I suggested he cap the other end and store a flywhisk or something in it. Now I'm thinking a back-scratcher might be better.
Oh I know, I know!
M&Ms. The peanut kind. Put a little trap door on the bottom and dispense as you ride. As long as it didn't get too hot, it would be great.

Some other ride some other day upcoming, I'm sure. Maybe it will rain and I can try out my heretofore unused rain gear.

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