15 January 2012

Bunch of Fun


Sunday, January 15th

I cruised around the lake (Lake Natoma) today with a pack of 18 cheerful casual riders. It was a little cold, and maybe a bit windy (but nothing like last weekend). We rolled on anyway, having a good time. This ride organizing is getting a little easier as I do it every month.

I successfully ran my little bitty 808 HD camera, attached to the visor of the cap I wear under my bike helmet. The videos are OK, I need to do a lot of editing since my bicycle technique apparently involves a lot of head-bobbing. I might try mounting the camera on my right front fender next time. It is light enough it sticks on with a bit of velcro. The video quality is not enough to clip stills out of, but then that's not why I bought the camera!

I did have one tiny moment of glory today. We were coming up from Negro Bar, on my alternate route to the Folsom-Auburn Rd bridge, when we passed two confused looking cyclists. They were looking for the bridge, so for a little while my comet-trail of fellow riders was increased by two. I was glad to help them out.

I'll head out tomorrow on a short excursion with "Parking lot Al" and our trikes. It will be good to see him again.

I PROMISE pictures tomorrow! Really.

Taken by one of the Eighteen

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