07 January 2012

But, I Digress


Saturday, January 7th

30 miles on the American River Trail

The usual ride (William Pond and back in one direction or another) with the usual suspects (Sacramento Recumbent Riders) is happening next weekend. I'll be hiking then, so I decided to start in Folsom and go to Wm Pond and back again.

It was WINDY. Like, gusts to 40mph. After about 20 miles, my brain felt like this.

I saw lots of people out also battling the wind, and birds taking advantage of the free ride south on the strong north wind.

Fishermen all along the river. The river's pretty low now since it has hardly rained at all this winter.

My flag, for a wonder, stayed put. But the flapping was deafening at times.

The ever popular waterfountain at Wm Pond was the stealth attack fountain today. If you stood downwind of it when someone was filling up, you'd likely get splashed.

I took several breaks, standing in the lee of various structures to give myself a leg break but most importantly, a wind break.

I only got stuff in my eye once. I got whapped in the face by a leaf and there were also lots of twigs to run over on the trail.

I was tired enough by the time I was coming home I took a nifty detour avoiding the steep hill just upstream of Sunrise boat launch. Thanks, Al, for showing me that. I also detoured around the Hazel crossing both times, using the bike lanes along Gold Country Blvd.

Although I wondered about my decision to do the whole 30 miles today, I'm glad I did.

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